Now, Next, and Beyond

Harem 15th Anniversary September 15, 2023 at
The Empress Bonifacio High Street

Harem Recollection by
Fr. Dennis Paez

Harem 11th Anniversary

We are in HAREM: We are HAREM
(Hospitable, Adventurous, Reliable, Empowered, Marvellous)

The year 2019 marks our 11th year Anniversary since the business was established way back 2008 by its now Managing Director, Ms. Roberta Abad-Estacion. HAREM is the franchise holder of STRIP Ministry of Waxing and Browhaus in which it has been the leader in providing beauty and hair removal services since then. Having grown to a 13 plus and growing team, the business's success has been built on trust, passion, competence, commitment, and professionalism. HAREM as a growing company, has plans and ambitions for further growth in beauty and hair removal industry where it will keep looking for the great future of the company but it will not forget the past!

The 11th year Anniversary celebration was held at Max's Kabisera, BGC last September 17, 2019 with the theme “Got Grit?: Where Guts. Resilience. Initiative. Tenacity matters”. The event was full of fun and exciting surprises, full of inspiration and motivation from the speakers, and full of bonding moments with the colleagues. During the event, several of the loyal employees were awarded and have received their benefits and tokens of appreciation. Congratulations to all the loyalty awardees especially to the pioneers of the company: Ms Roberta Abad-Estacion, Ms. Christina Mendoza, Ms. Monique Jamlang, and Ms. Czarina Vargas. Pioneers from STRIP were Ms. Krissy Inocencio, Ms. Joanne Quibote, and Ms. Christina Pineda, and from Browhaus were Ms. Grace Estrada, Ms. Issa Lumabi, and Ms. Jenny Paloyo. After the awarding was the highlight of the event which is the inspirational talk of Mr. Third Domingo, the CEO of IdeasXMachina Advertising, Inc. wherein he highlighted a quote “Be the Meaning of your Name”. That was an engaging and fun talk from Mr. Third. His talk was an eye-opener, a motivation and inspiration for the employees of HAREM to be the meaning of their name in which it can help them grow together with the company.

We have been in HAREM and standing still for 11 years, and we will always embrace the qualities of HAREM: Hospitable, Adventurous, Reliable, Empowered, and Marvelous. We are hospitable because we care for our people, our company, and our customers. We are adventurous because we are continuing our research in developing and enhancing our services and products for the benefit of our customers. We are reliable because we are able to be trusted due to our consistency in giving the best quality of our products and services. We are empowered because we make every Filipino more confident. And yet we are marvelous because we are unique, and we are extraordinary!

Harem 10th Year Anniversary September 18, 2018 in Aracama Restaurant and Lounge

A life at ease is not the pathway to growth. Ten years ago it all started with a vision and a whole lot of courage to open its door to the market. Looking back, life then is a lot simpler but there is no success if we live the life at ease. We've achieved quiet a lot being ten years in the industry from building a name to no longer introducing the brand to the market to continuously developing new strategies to fulfill Harem's mission.

It's funny how I was tasked to write this article. I thought to myself why me? I have only served the company for a year but I realized it's not how long you stayed, it's about how far you've grown. A year has passed and I've seen how far this company come despite of and inspite of. In every challenge, there was a victory. In every down fall, there was a chance of hope and forgiveness.

Harem didn't only open its doors to the market but paved the way of growth to their employees -- guiding them to be better individuals and to be the best at what they do. Ten years ago it started with a simple vision and reached the milestone with victory, lessons, grace and positivity. One struggle, one destination, one goal. Every little thing is part of the bigger picture. After all this company is a mirror of growth, commitment and change. Here's to staying the in the industry and to facing more victories as we continue to grow.